Customize your favorite sport’s board

Minimum Boards offers you the possibility to customize your board in many different ways.Thanks to the wide variety of types of boards, wood options and formats offered by MINIMUM, you will be able to customize yours to your liking. To do this, choose the type of board and wood you like the most,  to carry it the way you prefer: necklace, keychain or bracelet. To customize your board 100% you must follow these steps:

  1. Choose the right format. We have three formats avaliable: bracelet, necklace and keychain. You just have to choose the one that best suits you or the special person you want to make a gift to. All our products are combined with silver and leather to give it a perfect and unique finish.
  1. Choose the type of board you like the most. You can choose the type of table of your favorite sport, we have seven models avaliable. From water sports tables such as surfing, wakeboarding and bodyboarding, to snowboarding and skateboarding boards, if you prefer snow and asphalt.

  1. Select the appropriate wood. For the material of your miniature board we have some options of wood of different colors and combinations. You can choose the one you like. No matter what you choose, all our products are made with exotic wood of the highest quality and 100% handmade.
  2. Enjoy your Minimum Boards! You will receive your order in a very special way, like a “message in a bottle”. Our unique packaging, which fits perfectly with the lifestyle we want to convey, makes Minimum Boards a unique and emotive gift.