At Minimumboards we have the opportunity to fulfill a desire: to give the lovers of the boards sports a unique and personalized gift and we will not waste it! We know that those who enjoy the sport enjoy for many reasons. For example, being in contact with nature, the sensations that are transmitted and the feeling of freedom that we experience. With our range of accessories you will have the opportunity to carry all these sensations with you. Take your passion with you at all times.

The miniature boards that we create are replicas of real boards, are 100% handmade, selecting the exotic wood of higher quality and innovating with the packaging to complete the product.

Resistant to water, sun or any situation so you can carry it with you at all times. You can choose the format you want: necklace, bracelet or keyring. We take your passion very seriously, that’s why we take care of every detail.

Are you a surf lover or any other table sport that is practiced on the water? We have the perfect miniature for you.
There are three specific tables for surfing: shortboard, longboard and fishboard. We can explain, for those who are reading this post and not be an expert on this, the main differences of each type.

  • Shortboard are reserved for experienced surfers by generating high speed and grip..
  •  The longboard type is used by surfers looking for a specific style and sensations, typical of this table.
  • The fishboard are ideal for intermediate levels as they facilitate paddling and surfing.


Other board sports that are practiced on the water, such as bodyboarding or wakeboarding. Also they have their miniature at your disposition.

Bodyboards are used to move along the wall of the wave and the wakeboard type is used in water skiing.


You may like mountain more and you get excited about snow sports, or maybe consider asphalt your terrain. If either of the two cases represents you, look for the miniature boards of snowboard and skateboard.

Snowboards move down a slope of snow and the sport where they are used is considered an extreme winter sport. On the other hand, the type skateboard is used in skateboarding and are boards with wheels to allow the displacement on the cement.


As a gift you can also keep us in mind! The combination of exotic wood with silver and leather makes them an unique and sophisticated product, a perfect product to give away at any time. In addition, the packaging designed as “message in a bottle” follows the line and the feeling that our products are intended to convey.


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