What would life be without challenges? When we talk about table sports they are concepts linked, but how many of them do you know?

In board sports (surfing, wakeboarding, skateboarding, snowboarding, etc.) there is always the feeling of wanting to surpass oneself, reaching the next level, achieving something more than anyone else has been able to achieve… which sometimes translates how to make something big or original or even both at the same time. First of all, the goal is to be unique.
At this point you will ask yourself: “How can I do it? Because surely others have already done it, but how? Could I beat them? Is it really worth doing something like that?” Well, judge yourself. These are some of the challenges that have most caught our attention:

  • 1 000 km in skate to raise funds for young people: This is the story of three friends: Cisco, Matt and Robin. Three Swiss young men challenged themselves to travel 1,000 km (from Lausanne (Switzerland) to the tip of Corsen (France)). In order to make it more interesting, the money raised is for the CIAO association, which is dedicated to helping young people with difficulties. Its objective? Teach young people that there is a world of possibilities out there.

  • Is it possible to skate with heels?: Tonia Kpargi shows us that yes. In fact, he did even in the Champs Elysées, in Paris, showing that you can also be elegant in skateboarding.

  • Skate at high speed: Noah Fischer is the protagonist of this new achievement: travel miles and miles at high speed on a road with numerous curves without losing balance. Another fact that shows the talent of this Californian skateboarder.

  • Lexus Hoverboard and a magnetic track: remember Back to the future and the Hoverboard? Lexus tried in 2015 to launch a prototype that, for the moment, only works on a magnetic track and that was put to the test in Barcelona itself.

  • The day skate and water were friends: in this case, Christophe Ortega recreates inside a pool a stage to make movements and play them even under water.

  • Skate Agora BDN and skateboarding in women: 50 girls of different ages met in Barcelona on March 11, 2018 in the latest edition of Girl’s Jam in order to highlight the figure of women in the world of skateboarding.

  • Buenos Aires and skate have a strong union: Buenos Aires has around 150 tracks and there are many important international competitions and festivals, such as the Xtreme Life Fest. In fact, the city itself claimed to be recognized as a Skate City.

As we have seen, when we talk about challenges, we also do it with prowess, solidarity, creativity, even achieving what seems impossible. Minimum Boards wants to collect this symbol of self-improvement that we hope will also be motivational. That’s why, now it’s your turn! we encourage you to go through our store and take a look at our wooden accessories, our different miniature wooden boards, which you can customize by choosing the format (necklace, bracelet or key ring) and the type of wood that you like. We also want to know what these challenges have looked like, so we are waiting for you on our social networks!


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