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Volunteers On Board


Volunteering is a work extended to many areas such as food, sport, education… aimed at people of different age groups and from different parts of the world. This work is particularly widespread among young people and adults. Today, we will especially talk to you about voluntary work related to the different board sports: surfing, skateboarding, […]

Women In The World Of Board Sports


Where is the difference between men and women in addition to the physical aspect when we talk about sports? Today, we want you to ask this question after reading what we have prepared about women and their presence in board sports. “Why do we need to highlight the presence of women in surfing, wakeboarding, bodyboarding, […]

What You Need To Start Snowboarding


“New year, new life”, that is the motto of many when the next year begins or a new period does. Among the most popular resolutions, playing sports or starting a new one are in first place. Therefore, today we tell you what you need to start snowboarding. If you have not practiced a sport in […]

The Snowboard And Me


Have you ever thought about when you started snowboarding? Why do you even like it that much? What is it that encourages you to continue practicing this sport every winter? Today, it is you who write, who is going to tell us why snowboarding is so important to you. Minimum Boards use to tell you […]

Board sports festivals. Winter edition


Are you a fan of board sports? Did you know that during the year festivals are organized in Spain where sport has all the leading role? If you are thinking about going on a trip, write down the following dates. The festivals seem that they are only a thing of the good weather and that […]

A Different Weekend Getaway


Do you need to disconnect after the whole week? Are you looking for a different plan to do with family or friends? Do you want to experience something new and go on a trip? For these kinds of occasions there are thousands of things you could do and Minimum Boards brings you the best plans […]

Improve The Balance To Become The Best


Balance is a very important and essential coordinating quality in board sports, a quality that is always possible to work with. It is also important to improve it to become the best in these sports. Strength, speed, resistance… are some of the physical abilities that are always given greater importance when it comes to practicing […]

What Has Been Invented?


Have you ever thought about how technology influences sports? What would be sport without her? Can we still invent something new and revolutionary? The answer is below. Technology is so accesible than many times we do not even stop to think about the essentials that it has become our life. It is present in our […]

Brand Your Passion


“Dedicate yourself to what you like and you will never work”, an expression that many have applied in their lives. Thus, great professionals of different table sports have managed to devote completely to their passion. In the waves of the sea, in the streets of your city or in the mountains, places where you began […]

The Winter Olympic Games And The Snowboard

The Olympic Games have become the dream goal for elite athletes. Some have reached it, others unfortunately not. The important thing is that all of them have been moved by the same passion: sports. The Olympic Games: the most important sporting event in the world of sports, the peak of any athlete’s career and the […]


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