“Dedicate yourself to what you like and you will never work”, an expression that many have applied in their lives. Thus, great professionals of different table sports have managed to devote completely to their passion.

In the waves of the sea, in the streets of your city or in the mountains, places where you began to strengthen ties with the sport that years later you would like to dedicate your professional life, but you do not know how to do it, is not it? Today, we introduce you to these riders or surfers who have finished dedicating themselves to the board sport they liked the most, either developing their own brand or collaborating with it, hoping that they will inspire you to find your way to do it too:

  1. Gony Zubizarreta and Marlon Lipke and JAM Traction: in 2015, these two surfers embarked on a great adventure: developing their own brand of surfing accessories, placing great interest in the quality of their products in a way that meets the needs of every surfer.
  2. Luis Mora and ERASED X Project: lover of skateboarding, maybe you know him more for his Youtube videos. This skateboarder created the ERASED brand about a year ago and has presented it in different parts of the world. We encourage you to visit its channel if you would like to know a little more about the day to day life of this new entrepreneur.

  1. Shaun White and Burton: this rider managed to develop his own video game with Ubisoft eight years ago, “Shaun White Snowboarding”, as well as joined Jake Burton Carpenter to develop a clothing line with the name of this rider. In fact, the objective of this brand is to sponsor talented riders who are currently part of their team.
  2. Mike Ennen and Wakeboards CTRL: another rider who, more than developing his own brand, has developed his own designs for boards and has come to collaborate with different brands. You can find his work on his website “The artwork of Mike Ennen” (https://www.mikeennenart.com/).

All of them are examples of hard work, you have to keep in mind that not all table sports may be very popular in your city or your country because of its geographical location or simply because there is no hobby, which implies double effort. Therefore, passion, perseverance and the desire to bring something new and different to the world of these sports are the key.

Today we wanted to inspire you with the stories and brands of different riders and surfers and, at the same time, what Minimum Boards wants to inspire you with their miniature complements. To begin with, our passion for board sports; our desire to show you something new, with our different types of wood: African ebony, Amazonian amaranth, Pacific caoba and other exotic woods; In addition, to teaching you why we are different, with our different formats in which you can have your table: bracelet, necklace or keychain. Therefore, we will continue to work hard and with perseverance to offer you the best.


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