“Rocker”, “mongo”, “slideslipping”, do you know these terms? Have you ever heard these words, but do not know what they mean? So, keep reading, we have all the answers to your questions.

The sport requires a lot of dedication and, if we talk about professional sport sometimes it even requires certain basic knowledge, at least to know some concepts. We are what we want to bring you today, basic concepts of your favorite sport and that perhaps you still do not know or that you still do not understand well.

The first part of this entrypost can be found at the following link. We encourage you to take a look to expand your knowledge of your favorite sport: https://minimumboards.com/en/boardsports-terminology-part-one/

Glossary Of Terms (Part Two)


Surf-beach-wood-bracelet-Minimum Boards

Grip Accessory that is placed in the back part of the table in order to improve the grip.
Gun  Type of table characterized by its length.
Rocker Curvature that almost all table sports tables present.
Leash Strap that joins the surfer with the board and avoid its loss in case of fall while surfing.
Three fin  As its name means, it refers to three-fined boards.



Skate-park-wood-keychain-Minimum Boards

Fakie Technique that consists of sliding backwards with the same position as if you were forward.
Switch Technique that consists of changing the position of the feet, being contrary to the normal.
Caballerial Technique that consists of making a 360º turn by going forward.
Mongo Style that consists of using the front foot to push.
Iron Concept that designates the action of carrying out a trick.


Intra overboard Type of boat characterized by having the engine in the back and the highest lift and wake it gets.
Toeside Part of the table closest to the position of the fingers.
Heelside Part of the board closest to the position of the heels.
Spin Full vertical rotation
Kicker Module in the form of a ramp.
Handle pass Pass of the palonier in the back.


The tube Technique that involves surfing a wave that is closing.
Cut back Technique that involves surfing a wave and make a turn in the highest part of it and re-enter.
Rail Part corresponding to the side of the boogie.
Sesin Period of time elapsed while you are catching waves.
Dune Term that designates a large wave and peak.

Now we want to know your opinion about these terms, do you think they are very complicated? If so it is, we’ll tell you a little trick: many of these concepts are used in other table sports. It does not seem so complicated anymore, right? We would also like to know through our social networks which terms seem the most complicated for a beginner or which were the most complicated for you when you were still a beginner.

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