Do you know all the technical terms that are used in surfing? And on the skateboard? You’re going to start snowboarding, but you do not you have any idea what the movements, parts of the board, etc. are called?

Today, Minimum Boards has decided to bring you a compilation of some of the most used terms in the different boardsports. They will be especially useful if you have just begun to practice some of these sports.

Glossary Of Terms (Part One)



Stinger Nerve made of wood placed in the central part of the foam
Foam Polyurethane foam inside the surf boards that carry a wooden sheet in the middle
Bonzer Combination of keels and concave located at the bottom of the table
Cerrote In Spanish, type of waves that close on both sides
Duck Diving Technique that consits of sinking the table so that the wave passes over our




Front of board. It is a term very used in boardsports
Tail Back of the board. It is used to execute many techniques and tricks
Half pipe Estructure which have a «U» form, it is especially used in this boardsports
Regular or Goofy Name used in boardsports to refer to the right-handed person (goofy) and left-handed person (regular)
Ollie and Nollie Technique that consists of tricks with the front (ollie) or the back (nollie) of the board. It is also named in the rest of boardsports




Wake to wake Technique that consists in using the wake of the boat to perform tricks, for example, jumps
Tumble turn Technique that consists of turning using the back as a point of support to turn
Off axis Technique that consists of turning in the air without ever releasing the panier
Flatline spin Technique consisting of the rider passing on the rope
Indy Gripping technique consisting of grasping during a jump the intermediate point between the feet of the board
Scarecrow Turning technique consisting of turning on oneself without releasing the palonier




Boogie Bord to do bodyboard
Deck Part of the board we rely on to surf
Duck dive To introduce the table with the help of the knees to dodge the wave
Stringers Channels that provide greater hardness and durability to the bodyboard
Prone and Drop-knee Position to surf, either prone or lying, either drop-knee or knee

Did you know any of these terms already? If you were already an expert, this entry sure will have been a good review. Tell us what you thought about social networks and do not forget to go through Shop to collect your table wood Minimum Boards.


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