Taking care of the environment is the responsibility of each and every one of us. If you are a lover of surfing, skateboarding, kite surfing, wakeboarding, bodyboarding, etc. You will know very well how we take care for the environment.

However, not everyone is so aware of it or does not know how to do it. Due to the approach of the World Environment Day and the Day of the Oceans, today we bring you some tips and tricks to reduce our ecological impact when we practice some of the mentioned sports.

Step 1: small gestures can make big changes

First of all is to be aware that we can only perform small actions and that not everyone is equally involved with nature. So first of all, we must adopt a responsible and respectful attitude both with the environment and towards others. However, there are other things we can do individually, such as:

  1. Collect garbage: for example, if we are on the beach surfing and then stop to eat and drink something, collect all the containers and throw them in the nearest trash or save them and then throw them at home. In case you find a water bottle, a plastic, a paper, etc. on the way, pick it up so it does not reach the sea. The Artsurfcamp school has already started with this initiative and before starting the classes they carry out a garbage collection.

  1. Use an eco-friendly transport: do you have an electric car? Are there green buses in your city? Do you have a bicycle, a skateboard or a kick scooter that you can use? Undoubtedly these are the most respectful means with the environment to move around your city and, in the case of the bicycle, the skate or the skateboard you will be doing physical exercise, all a two for one.

Step 2: the environment is fashionable

Furthermore, we can currently find many environmentally friendly alternatives, from clothes to tables, did you know that? Trash-beach-environment-wood-miniature-keychain-MinimumBoards

  1. Ecological equipment: we can now find many brands that offer equipment manufactured with sustainable textiles. Like the accessories of the tables and the paraffins.
  2. Ecological tables: for water sports, we especially recommend polystyrene boards; for snowboard, the micro and nano reinforced polymer blend boards; and for skateboarding, he is promoting the sale of hemp fiber boards.

In addition, we encourage you to go one step further and to find out how we can reduce the environmental impact and calculate your ecological footprint to know what aspect of your daily life should be more sustainable:


We have already shown you how you can be more eco-friendly with small gestures and what are the sustainable materials in the different board sports, but now we will tell you how Minimum Boards is respectful with the environment: we offer wooden boards in my miniature that do not they are only an accessory suitable for any situation, they are also sustainable and respectful with the environment thanks to the use of recyclable woods and that you can choose according to the one you like the most. And what do you do to be respectful of the environment? We are dying to know, you can tell us through social networks.


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