Are you a fan of board sports? Did you know that during the year festivals are organized in Spain where sport has all the leading role? If you are thinking about going on a trip, write down the following dates.

The festivals seem that they are only a thing of the good weather and that until spring or summer we can not find this type of events. However, when we talk about table sports we see that this is not the case. Therefore, Minimum Boards today brings you the festivals that are going to be celebrated very soon and where snowboarding, skateboarding even surfing, are the protagonists.


The 3th November in Villareal (Castellón, Comunidad Valenciana) Remember this information because in that place and date there will be a festival where you will find concerts, competitions and you will be able to camp even if necessary. Are you going to miss it?



The National Skateboarding Committee (CNS) began on August 10 the beginning of the II national circuit and on 10th November will continue in La Coruña and on 1st December in Valencia.



On July 20 the CSFF started and since then different events have been taking place with music, movies, conferences, music and surfing until 4th November in the Canary Islands. You dare?


Festival of 4 days during November in Pamplona of cinema just dedicated to winter sports, among them, snowboarding. Film, documentaries and the best riders, sounds good, right?



From December to January in Sierra Nevada you can enjoy the best combination of music and snowboarding in southern Spain and one of the best places to ski and enjoy the snow.


So far we have informed you about some of the most recent festivals, but in the future we will continue to tell you what other festivals are going to take place and where. Have you been to any of these festivals? Is there anyone you are waiting for and we have not mentioned yet? Tell us about social networks, it will not only interest us, but also other lovers of board sports like you.

Finally, Minimum Boards wants to offer you a series of accessories in the form of miniature tables of your favorite board sport in a format of bracelet, necklace and key ring. Choose the model that you like best and the one that is most comfortable for you to take to your next festival, although for its lightness it will not be difficult for you to decide on one, as many different types of woods: amazon amaranth, african ebony, pacific mahogany and other exotic woods will make it a bit more difficult. Which one are you going to choose?


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