If you are starting out in the surf world and want to learn some tricks and avoid common mistakes, keep reading!

It can take a long time to master this sport, so we bring you this post to serve as a guide and help you advance your surfing skills.

Choose the appropriate board

Without a doubt one of the most crucial parts is selecting the right table. The best thing about starting your adventure in surfing is choosing a large floating board with a rounded tip for greater stability. The longboard board is ideal for beginners, you will have time to change table as you go! In addition, if you get your miniature board combining with your surfboard that gives you luck in your adventure at sea.


Weather conditions

Practice in calm times, when there are not too many waves, so you can have stability. You must avoid being surrounded by people, so you can move freely and without fear with your board.


Frist tricks

Once you learn to get up on the table, keeping your balance, you can start to do the first tricks. Here we leave you the technical names and the description of some of them:

Take off: It’s the moment you stop rowing and you stand on the board. Practice this movement many times, it is a very important step.

Bottom Turn: First turn done after standing on the board.

Cut Back: After sliding on the wall of the wave you must make this move to return to the wave.

Reentry: Movement that is made to rise to the top of the wave, and making a 180º turn back down.

Floater: Surf on the foam of a wave.

Tube: At this point the technique is complicated. The tube is one of the most spectacular tricks and difficult to perform. It is about sliding through the tube that forms when the wave breaks.

Aerial: Any maneuver that takes place taking off from the water.



With patience and a lot of practice you will be able to master these techniques and be a real surf expert. Take your board and get to it!

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