Father, daddy, dad… In a thousand ways we have been able to reach our father throughout our lives, in a thousand ways we have laughed, discussed, played, angry and excited and always been there. March 19, for all this and much more, congratulations, dad!

A father will always be declared as one of our biggest fan, a faithful follower who accompanies us from the moment we are born, who teaches us everything and will never be tired of doing it. He is one of the people who opens the doors to the unimaginable, sometimes he even does it alone, and a single day is not enough to thank him for all this.

We do not even notice his presence many times, but he’s always in the background to help us get up if we fall or celebrate our successes, no matter where we are, no matter what we do. In addition, he will do everything necessary to keep us moving forward in one way or another, whether getting up early on weekends to take us to training, exercising as a private driver whenever we need it, paying for our studies, taking care of our children, being our wise counsellor (even without asking); in short, being that hand that always helps us.

Because Is Your Father

On the other hand, she is one of the most influential people in our life and with whom we often share the same tastes. Today, we challenge you to answer the following questions about what your father and you have in common:








If the answer to the previous question is affirmative, then:Test-wood-miniature-MinimumBoards





In fact:








It is important not to forget everything that a father does for us, that’s why we encourage you to share it with him in a different way on Father’s Day and not only with a special day, but also with a special gift.


All those moments lived by your side doing what you like the most, you can make them never forget by giving them a miniature board Minimum Boards of the sport that you love the most, you can choose the format and the type of wood that suits you best to like it. Revived those moments will be one of the best gifts you can do on this day so marked.



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