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Volunteers On Board


Volunteering is a work extended to many areas such as food, sport, education… aimed at people of different age groups and from different parts of the world. This work is particularly widespread among young people and adults. Today, we will especially talk to you about voluntary work related to the different board sports: surfing, skateboarding, […]

“He was who taught me”


Throughout your life you have surely received and you will receive thousands of lessons, especially from your family, which will always be the most valuable and especially when they come from a father, what would we do without them? In fact, would you have started surfing or skating if he had not taught you? We […]

Women In The World Of Board Sports


Where is the difference between men and women in addition to the physical aspect when we talk about sports? Today, we want you to ask this question after reading what we have prepared about women and their presence in board sports. “Why do we need to highlight the presence of women in surfing, wakeboarding, bodyboarding, […]

Materials of a surfboard


“What material should I buy my surfboard? Which is the best for me? And which one is the best for the environment? “Be honest, how many times have you asked yourself these questions? These are some of the questions that many of us ask ourselves when we are going to buy a surfboard. In addition […]

How To Choose My Fish Surfboard


The fish surfboards had their biggest boom in the 90s and they are perfect for small waves. If you are interested in knowing more about this kind of boards or you want to get one, today we will guide you a bit so you know how to do it. Although they are smaller than surfboards, […]

What You Need To Start Snowboarding


“New year, new life”, that is the motto of many when the next year begins or a new period does. Among the most popular resolutions, playing sports or starting a new one are in first place. Therefore, today we tell you what you need to start snowboarding. If you have not practiced a sport in […]

Great smoothies for great athletes

Do you have little time and you do not want to give up taking something healthy? Is it a heaviness to carry a fruit with you and to peel it later? That is the great advantage of smoothies, you do not need anything more than a container to store your smoothie, so preparing it and […]

Longboard Is Not Just Another Table


When  we really like a sport, we love to know and try everything that is related to this. In the case of surfing and skateboarding we can find the so-called “longboards”, did you know them? Have you tried skating or surfing in one of them? Before we start talking to you about these types of boards, […]

The Snowboard And Me


Have you ever thought about when you started snowboarding? Why do you even like it that much? What is it that encourages you to continue practicing this sport every winter? Today, it is you who write, who is going to tell us why snowboarding is so important to you. Minimum Boards use to tell you […]

Board sports festivals. Winter edition


Are you a fan of board sports? Did you know that during the year festivals are organized in Spain where sport has all the leading role? If you are thinking about going on a trip, write down the following dates. The festivals seem that they are only a thing of the good weather and that […]


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