The dream of any surfer is to have perfect waves at any time of the year so that you can enjoy your favorite sport whenever you feel like it.

Until some time ago this idea was something difficult to imagine, we depend on the sea and must give adequate conditions that propitiate the waves that we want, and we know that does not happen all the time! However, a few years ago, the desire to control the environment and the idea of enjoying these waves at any time arises a technique that would revolutionize surfing:

Artificial waves



Since the seventies of the last century, we have been trying to master this technique of wave creation. The Japanese were the first to put it into practice by creating a public wave pool called the Ocean Dome, established in 1993 and located at Sheraton Seagaia Resort, Japan. The 2,000 million dollars invested in this project make it the largest artificial beach in the world capable of producing good quality waves every two minutes.

Continuing with the world of artificial waves we must point out one of the latest projects, created by surfer and engineer Josema Odriozola, Wavegarden, a Basque company that offers real waves of quality. Offering a product such as artificial waves became the most successful company in the sector reaching to build artificial beaches in many parts of the world.

In spite of these advances, many surfers continued to think that the feeling that gives you the sea can not to be compared to the one produced in a controlled environment. They think projects created to date are far from the perfect wave.

And then a man appeared, Kelly Slater, promising what many had already promised, the best artificial wave in the world! In some of his reports explains how he and his team have been working for ten years to achieve the dream that pursues since childhood: to perfect this technology and to revolutionize the world of surfing. And it seems to have done it! The first videos and pictures began to be published in December 2015 the world went wild. From the moment, it opened it has not disappointed the privileged few who have been able to test the project and who proves the experience is impressed with what Sater has achieved.

Although few are able to deny the magnificent waves achieved each surfer has his tastes. For many deprive the surf of the surrounding nature and eliminate all the procedure that makes it a special sport only makes the surfing experience is not so gratifying.
And you? Do you convince artificial waves or do you prefer surfing in nature? Tell us your opinion and follow us on social networks.


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