At Minimum Boards we know that sometimes it can be difficult to be fit to improve in surfing.

Weather conditions do not always give us surfaced waves or we may not always have the time to take our board and get into the sea. Even so… there are no excuses! There are many exercises that can help you to be in shape and ready to surf at any time. Now we recommend you the key points for your training.

We show you some exercises that you can do at home or in the gym. They will help you improve to surf.

  • Exercising the limbs: It is very important to train the arms, shoulders, breasts and legs for surfing. The arms should gain strength and rowing speed. Back strengthening exercises are very important too. Training the muscles of the legs will serve to gain balance and hold us on the board.

Exercises: Dominated, pushups, sit ups, squats, strides, weight training …These and other exercises will help you have a strong body for surfing.

  • Resistance: you must be constant and practice sport on a daily basis. When surfing we can be in the water for 4 hours or more, so it is very important to be in shape and improve the resistance to be able to withstand the effort.

Exercises: Exercises should be done in 3 or 4 sets of 15 or 20 repetitions. You must decrease the rest time between sets. Ideally, at the end of your training period you should rest for 1 minute between sets.

  • Core: Training the core zone will increase speed and power, and improve mobility and balance. Strengthening the body trunk is essential for any sport we want to practice.

Exercises: Use in medical training balls, elastic bands, cables… These are very effective elements to strengthen this area.

  • Flexibility: Caring for muscle and joint flexibility reduces injuries and improves the range of our movements in surfing.

Exercises: At this point there are many who agree, yoga is a very useful practice to increase flexibility, provided it is done in the right way.


Finally, we remind you that, as in any sport, you warm up very well before entering the water. Performing previous exercises brings enough benefits to your training and prevents injuries. Do surf always being accompanied by our accesories for surfers Minimum boards. 

And you? Do you have adequate training? Tell us in comments or social networks!


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