Did you know what clothes to wear, what accessories to buy and which material can give you an advantage over others? Do not? Then this publication interests you.

Especially when we talk about water sports, such as bodyboarding, wakeboarding, surfing, among others, knowing the textile and the material of the elements and clothes that we use is very important since it benefits us considerably in the practice of these sports, especially physical level.

Today, we wanted to delve into the bodyboard and we will tell you what we need to practice it and what materials are the most appropriate. Keep reading!:

  1. The helmet: our biggest ally in case of accident. In addition, it is not a normal helmet, it is special for this type of sports, being therefore light and resistant, sun and air protectors, as well as any fall.
  2. The neoprene suit: it is the most recommended clothing since it insulates from the cold; it is flexible, so it allows you a great capacity for movement; and resistant, so in case of fall or shock will protect you from possible bruises and injuries. You can also find them longer or shorter. It is also common to wear a swimsuit and a lycra shirt, but we only recommend them when you are starting or the weather is very favorable.
  3. The water shoes: we recommend them for the same reasons as the wetsuit. In any case, not everyone takes them despite being important, the same happens with the helmet.Flipper-sea-miniature-necklace-Minimumboards
  4. The fins: they are shorter and stiffer than those used in diving, be careful, do not confuse them! The fins are very important in the bodyboard, as they are the substitute for the fins.
  5. The leash: is our element of union with the table. It is a plastic rope that we can wear tied to the arm or ankle, always make sure it is securely tied!
  6. The table: we recommend that you buy polyethylene or polypropylene, the first being the most suitable for almost any type of water; while polypropylene is lighter, but harder and less suitable for maneuvers.

Caution! The information provided is applicable to surfers in general, always consult a specialist or your instructor before about everything you need and where to buy it since he knows your level better and therefore what material you will need based on your progress. You have to be prudent before everything and not just in the water.

As we have seen, there are many things that we have to take into account when we practice bodyboard, including what we wear, what we use and what is the most appropriate material. The best thing is that there is a wide variety, many different styles and Minimum Boards is aware of this.

Are you one of those who like to practice bodyboarding, but always with style? Then our wooden accessories with miniature body boards are for you. Choose the format that suits you the most: necklace, bracelet or key ring. Personalize it by choosing the wood that you like best: African Ebony, Amazonian Amaranth, Pacific Mahogany or other exotic woods and go surfing!



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