Make this gift the sensation of surf.

It is an article designed for lovers of sports, nature and fashion. The Minimum boards are made with exotic woods of the highest quality and combined with silver and leather to make this product something exclusive and perfect to give away.

If you enjoy board sports, or you know someone who does, with this gift your passion can accompany you wherever you go.

The silver 925 that accompanies our miniature boards ared guaranteed of the composition and quality of our products. It also adds a special touch so you can carry your Minimum Boards accessories anywhere.

Some of our boards also have details in stainless steel, material that provides great resistance to dirt and oxidation. These special features make it different from other steels.

In our products we also use leather. The strength and flexibility of this fabric make it ideal to complement our miniature boards. The leather is made using a technique called tanning and is a very suitable material for handling. Its use for making ropes and belts is a tradition in many parts of the world. Leather strings provide greater comfort when wearing the necklace or bracelet so you can carry it with you every day.

All these materials, together with high quality wood and special packaging will make your gift something unique, an original gift capable of giving a smile to the recipient.