Since the emergence of skateboarding in the 60’s this sport has been gaining fans around the world

Nowadays, many are dedicated to this sport, taking the skate to the top, but today we want to show you a selection of the best skaters in the world.

Tony Hawk

We started with Anthony Frank Hawk, better known as Tony Hawk. He was born in 1968 in San Diego, California, and is considered the best skater in the world on vert (half-pipe). In addition, he is one of the most versatile and skilful skaters with a skateboard. He has invented many tricks and won many competitions, even comes out in several video games! With all these merits he deserved to be on this list.

Rodney Mullen

John Rodney Mullen was born in Florida in 1966. This skateboarder is considered the inventor of modern street skate and inventor of more than 30 tricks like the Kickflip or Heelflip. He is the winner of countless prizes and is considered one of the skaters most influential in history.

Ryan Sheckler

This skater was born in California in 1989 and is also an actor. In spite of its youth, it was presenter of a television program in the MTV (Life of Ryan). He became a professional skateboarder at the age of 14 after winning different prizes.

Paul Rodriguez

Paul is Mexican-American and was born in Tanzania, California, in 1984. He is known in many places as P-Rod and is also an actor with his own skateboarding company. He has won a total of six medals in the X Games. If only 32 years has achieved all this, surely he will remain one of the best!

Chris Cole

Born in Pennsylvania in 1982 is another of the best skaters in the world. The fame reached him after daring to realize some tricks very complicated with his skateboard. In addition, he is a businessman.

Bam Margera

Bam was born in Pennsylvania too but in 1979. In addition, this skater proffesional is a singer, an actor, a producer, a founder of an independent label and a member of the Jackass gang too … this skater has done it all! After achieving the complicated trick, The Loop, which only 15 people in the world have been able to do, he became one of the most famous skaters.

Mike Vallely

The next skater was born in New Jersey in 1970. He is known as Mike V and is famous for many reasons. He is very good at managing the skateboard, he has a punk band called Black Flag, he is an actor, he is a wrestler and a professional hockey player.

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