Is not surfing your thing? Are you one of those who think that bodyboarding is not interesting? Keep reading and we will show you why bodyboarding is the perfect sport for you.

At first sight, bodyboarding may seem like a sport that is not very appealing, even too simple. The truth is that, with bodyboarding you enter sooner you catch the waves, while surfing requires a longer learning in the dry, but on the contrary it does not mean that we can not do great tricks with a smaller board.


Reasons why bodyboard is your sport

  1. Provides great health benefits

Not just physically, but mentally. Like any other sport bodyboarding brings great benefits to health, from improved coordination, to an increase in strength. However, it also helps us to clear the mind, especially on the hardest days.

If you want to know more about health benefits of this sport, you can consult the article Bodyboarding Benefits from Alohasports.

2. Take up little space

It does not need much space, both in the car to transport it and at home to save it since essentially we will need a boogie, a neoprene suit and fins. Even some airlines do not charge the billing for this type of boards.

3. It is cheaper

Precisely, it requires less material so a lesser maintenance too which makes it a very economical sport.

4. It is a good altenartive to the surf

It doesn’t matter why, you think surfing is not yout thing. Consider the bodyboard, apart from doing it lying down, you can learn many tricks and great moves, including aerial moves.


5. You exercice all your body

Bodyboard exercises both legs and arms, which makes it a very complete sport.

6. You reach a higher control of the waves

The bodyboard allows a faster control of the waves and dominate them sooner. That is why many have decided to try surfing after having gained confidence by practicing bodyboarding.

7. A boogie is less inflexible and slippery

The bodyboard is less rigid and more slip-resistant than the surfboard, so it has great grip and the impact is less.


If you want to learn more about bodyboardingm you can read our past publiction, Bodyboard, how it started.


What do you think? Have we convinced you? If not, why do not you go over the models of handmade bodyboard tables we have specially for you? You will love it!


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