The surf, the bodyboard, the wakeboard, the snowboard… are nice sports, yes, but what you really like is the skateboard. Nevertheless, for some reason you continue looking for reasons to encourage to take a table of skate or to return to it. No matter which is your case, just keep reading.

The skateboard seems that it is a sport that it is pushed into the background when we speak about board sports. So, today we want to dedicate a post only to the skate and to its advantages:


  1. Doing sport without even realize it. The same thing happens with the skates, you do sport without having to go to the gym or to the sport centre, have you 5 minutes? Have you to go to buy the bread? Takes your skateboards, you will go faster and will enjoy more the trip, though this one is very short. It is a good way of keeping fit.
  2. The skate improves your physical condition in multiple aspects. It is true that you work more from the waist down than up, but also it will help you to improve your balance. In addition, you will realize a great cardiovascular exercise(fiscal year), will improve your  position(attitude) and will avoid future diseases.
  3. Multiple psychological benefits. It is a route of leak to relieve the stress, there is nothing like go for a walk in skate to free your mind of the problems and tensions. In addition, your autoesteem will increase, so you will feel better with yourself and will learn tricks and different and brilliant skills.
  4. Is ecological. It does not need any engine neither energy, only the one that our body generates. In addition, with the skate you can come to almost any part, for what you will use fewer other types of transport that contaminate. 
  5. Is economic. The skate is not expensive, you only need your table, a good equipment and that’s all. If you want, also you can go to the skatepark near from your house and learn there new tricks.
  6. Will make new friends. At the skateparks, events and competitions you will be able to find many persons who share the same passion that you for this sport. You will do new and incredible friendship.
  7. Is different. You can find thousands of models of skates, equipment, accessories, etc. Everything is very different in the world of the skate: different styles, persons, etc. 


Because of that, we recommend you to go to our shop, throw a glimpse to our miniature wood skateboard, they are cool! And the best thing is that you itself can choose the one that more you like and the model that you want: keyring, bracelet or neclake. The skate is your sport and Minimum Boards wants that it forms part of your life. Also we want to recommend you our blog because, as this one, you will find very interesting income: news, apps, movies, the best skaters, professional woman of the world of the skate, and much more!


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