Choosing your snowboard is a very important and personal decision, not just any board is OK!

Many factors have influence in which board to buy, from your height to the level of experience that you have. From Minimum Boards we want to help you in this decision giving you some advices that we believe will serve you.

Level of experience

Depending on the level of experience you have, you will have to choose one type of board or another. If you are starting to snowboard, rent a board and take advice from experta, they will help you choosing the board to start.

Style of Snowboarding

When you have experience it will be important to know what style of snowboarding you like best. There are many types of snowboarding but in general we can find three different styles: All Mountain, Freestyle or Freeride. For each style we find an appropriate snowboard.

  • All Mountain: they are usually medium-high hardness boards and of a medium length.
  • Freestyle: symmetric board, short and medium hardness.
  • Freeride: This mode looks for a less symmetrical board, short-tailed directional table, and extra delayed inserts.

Your height, weight and, size of your foot!

Your weight and your height are two very important things to choose your snowboard. On the internet you can find measurement tables of different manufacturers to consult which table you need. Some mathematical formulas can also help you to find your table, but these formulas are difficult to explain. Next week, you will find a post on this subject. Keep an eye out for that post!

The size of your foot also counts. If you use a very large size you should look for tables with “wide” format to ensure that the entire boot is kept inside the board.


There are many types of curvature for the snowboards, choose a type of curvature or another depends on the level of experience you have and the mode you want to practice. If you are a beginner we recommend the classic archery, designed for power and grip, flat and inverted toning are good for freestyle and the arching pow offers a better flotation in powder snow. On the internet you will find a lot more information on the types of curvature!

The fixings

This is another important element to take into account. We found 3 sizes available: S (size 34 to 41), M (41-43) or L (43 and more). These attachments guarantee fastening, control and speed on the board, so it is so important to find the ideal for you!


Once understood these concepts you are ready to go out and buy your snowboard. Of course, it is going to be much easier to buy your miniature snowboard, just go through our website and choose the one you like!


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