We tell you the latest Guinness world records of the skate world, so you will be informed of everything about this magnificent sport. Keep reading, surely more than one will impress you.

  • The Ollie longer. This record was achieved by Jordan Hoffart who managed to reach the 5 meters. He did it on artificial grass for Ride Channel. Those who want to overcome it will have it complicated!

  • Fastest in the world. On 29th August another world record was surpassed. Kyle Wester was able to get to 140 km / hour on a downhill road in Colorado, USA. He snatched the record from the Canadian Mischo Erban, who in 2011 had managed to get at 130 km / hour.

  • More flips. Jeisson Raul Mateus was able to match the record established by Pablo Mendez 12 years ago with 104 flips in a row, pretty impressive! If you’re a skateboarder, keep practicing with your board, it’s going to be hard to beat these two professionals.

  • Record of klickflips in 30 seconds. This time it was a boy, Alex Decunha, who made 18 klickflips in a row and kept the record that Zachary Kovacs and Michael Sohheh had achieved in 2008. Surely you have a great future in the world of skateboarding.

  • The longest jump. Danny Way has been beating this record several times to place it in the 24 meters in length. In addition, he managed to jump the Chinese wall in 2005, something quite risky!

But to finish, one last record hit. The World’s Greatest Skateboard! Who has said that all the records have to be beaten on a skateboard? It was designed and produced in Los Angeles, California, in the summer of 2010. At 11.14 meters long, 2.63 meters wide and 1.10 high, it managed to get into the Guinness book years later. Joe Ciaglia is the designer and although he has not beaten any skateboard brand, we can not take the merit away!

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