Do you love the world of skateboarding and you can not leave your mobile? So, this post is for you. Today we bring you the 5 apps on skateboard that all lovers of this sport must have.

Do not stay behind and make sure to pay attention to the new mobile applications we are going to show you here.

1.Pro Skate design: With this free app you can design your own skateboard. It is a very simple tool that allows you to customise the table with a photo, change the background and add text. Developed by Pro Model Deck along with Visual Sockets, this app allows you to both share your creations in social networks and buy your custom table.

2. Riders: In this app you will find many skate tricks and very interesting videos made by professionals. In addition, it allows you to save the tricks you master and to see your daily progress. Join the community of more than 120,000 skaters who already use this app!

3. Skate dice: This application is ideal to spend a day with your friends practicing skate. Skate dice show you some dice that you must throw and randomly choose the tricks that you must practice that day. There are tricks of all levels … laughter is assured!

4. Skateboard party: If in addition to practicing in the real world you also like to spend time with skateboarding video games, we bring you the latest! Skateboard Party is a very interesting game with more than 40 different tricks and with a fake 3D very well achieved. The different scenarios and the quality in the customisation of boards and characters make it a great game. In addition, they have released improved versions of the game: Skateboard party 2 and 3. What are you waiting to try them out?

5. Spotdigger: A very useful app that recommends the best places to practice skate. Users leave their score, even advise the best hours to go or the state of the slopes. If you love discovering new places to practice, this is your app!

Now that you know a little more about skateboarding apps it’s time to go get your mobile to update it. If you also want to visit our website and get your mini skateboard, you will be the best equipped skateboarder of all! Leave us your opinion on these apps on social networks. Follow us!


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