Wood boards with the finest quality from over the world

Each board is made in wood with the finest quality from different parts of the world. The colour of the boards are the ones of which the natural wood are made with and only treated with oil. Our products are made of three types of different wood: Pacific mahogany, African ebony  and amazonian amaranth.

Pacific Mahogany: This wood comes from a small dry forest tree on the Pacific coast of Central America. The main characteristic of this wood is its colour that ranges from dark red, through red wine and to pink. Mahogany is a great example of fine wood, muchly appreciated in cabinetmaking for being easy to work with and at the same time being resistant. It is a wood that resists moisture well and has a high density. It was used in older times on the keels of ships to increase the nautical stability contributing more weight than other woods. They are also used in other elaborations such as in the manufacturing of guitars and other instruments.

African Ebony: This wood from Africa is a dense and black wood. Ebony wood has one of the most intense black colours and features are very peculiar, it has a very high density, good texture and a very smooth polishing ability. Ebony has a long history of uses, which has been found in tombs of Egyptians also in current musical instruments, such as pianos and violins…

Amazon amaranth: This wood comes from tropical America. The amaranth is very resistant to cold and dry climates, it grows even in areas of poor, humid soils and with very frequent rains. In addition it is a very heavy and hard wood being used in the carpentry industry, musical instruments, shipbuilding, sculpture … Its colour is of a violet more or less dark.
These woods combined with different ones used to create more designs and expand the variety of our boards. All the woods we use come from exotic countries and are of the highest quality.