Each board is hand-shaped, which makes each one of them unique and different.
Each one is made 100% from precious wood species from all over the world, offering various different species combined in many different ways.
Boards shaped in miniature, scaled from real ones. We offer various different shapes & wood combinations to come up with the perfect and unique board for you.
Its a product designed for sports, nature and fashion lovers. The combination of silver, leather and exotic wood species make this product an exclusive one.
As normal boards, these minimum ones can be customized in different ways in terms of the wood, shape and also to respond everyone’s likes of how to wear them.
Our unique packaging is an added value to the product that gives it class as well as functionality and second meaning. MiniMum is not only a board minimized but is the metaphor of a dream for the sport and style. This dream can’t be given in a more authentic way than as a "message in a bottle".


Replicas from different sports in a minimum format.

The product: Board sport lovers can now enjoy theirs dream board and carry it with them everywhere as a necklace, keychain or bracelet.

The materials: They are all handmade from high quality materials. We use 100% real and ne wood species that we combine with silver and leather.

Customizable: These boards are offered in different formats (necklaces, keychains, bracelets) and can be customized regarding type of board, wood combination and format.


Dive into Minimum Boards. Everything you want to know and much more about our sports on our blog.


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